Visual Merchandising Consultancy

On all visual aspects of your business we will give you objective advice and guidance on how to improve the look of your store.​

Space planning
We will maximise the lay out of your retail space, improving the customer journey and converting browsers into buyers.

Visual presentation

We can create and develop ideas for windows and in-store displays that will catch the attention of shoppers and attract more visitors.

Visual guidelines

We can create tailor-made visual guidelines for your business to keep consistent standards throughout your store.


We can coach your team to enable them to maintain your visual expectations.

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Visual merchandising consultancy - product-display
Visual merchandising consultancy - props display
Visual merchandising consultancy - Table display

Visual merchandising consultancy - jewellery display

For your own visual merchandising consultation in London, the UK or Internationally, please get in touch

Our job
It is our job to present your merchandise to your customers in the best possible way to stimulate sales, as well as create a strong brand identity. We can do this in a number of ways.

Make it easy to buy
Our visual merchandising consulting encourages better customer flow and shopability by presenting your current fixtures in a logical format. We can improve directional signage to facilitate your customer experience. Effective ticketing makes it easy for customers to buy: we can discuss options with you on how to improve this within your business.

Good standards
As well as signage, we have props at our disposal. These are the items that lend the creative touch to the store. We can source these items for you or, if you don’t have suitable storage facilities, we can rent them for a set period of time. We can create visual guidelines to any size of business that can then be relayed to your teams, so that the store is consistently maintained to a good standard. If necessary this can be followed up by a series of training sessions – so all your colleagues understand your visual expectations.