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Pop-up shops are a great way for you to try a new location or test your new product. Set up costs are much lower and you are not committed to a long lease.

Time, however is not on your side. You only have a short window of opportunity to grab the attention of customers and draw them into your temporary shop.

The critical element

Modern customers have high expectations when they see a new pop-up Shop on their high street.

Meeting this expectation with a temporary store and foreshortening the buying process is critical.

You simply don’t have the time to tweak and test your offer over months and even years.

Your solution
When you’ve got all your elements in place: pop-up store design, lighting & products, it is essential you merchandise your pop-up effectively to drive more sales.

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Pop Up Retail -shop-room-set
Pop Up Retail -Styling-display
Pop Up Retail -wall-display
Pop Up Retail -Shop-Piccadilly-London

How we can help
As professional visual merchandisers we can do this for you by capturing the attention of the customer and guide them through your pop-up shop. Awaken their senses and convert more of them into buyers.

If You are ready
 We can help you design and create an exciting pop-up shop installation. We know that these spaces are usually short term so budgets are at the forefront of any project. We have a selection of props and accessories for short term hire to keep your costs down.
This is your chance to meet your customer face to face and increase sales. First impressions count so a visual wow is paramount.

See our VM installations

The Bullring Birmingham (as seen on ITV)

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Pop-up testimonial:

“Well, the words ‘above and beyond’ and ‘couldn’t have done it without her’ spring to mind when thinking about the work Milly has done for the campaign PopUp Britain. With a week to go, an empty shop, ten tenants and a launch party with London dignitaries looming, there was only one woman for the job – Milly. Without guidance of any sort, she diligently organised the furniture, fittings, decoration, flooring and designed tenant spaces without flinching, or batting an eyelid. All to budget, on time and looking amazing! We salute you.”   Becky Jones PopUp Britain