Visual Merchandising Prop Finder

Source props for you to hire or buy, for example mannequins or plinths,for seasonal displays and promotions. See Christmas here

We specialise in finding unique fixtures and fittings to give your store its own unique signature style.

Prop Solutions
Locate new or vintage props to suit your budget, or up-cycle your existing props where required.

Design bespoke props, tailored to your specifications, reflecting all styles and eras.

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Visual Merchandising Prop Finder - furniture at market
Visual Merchandising Prop Finder - Props-vintage-trolly
Visual Merchandising Prop Finder - Props-Wooden-chairs

Visual Merchandising Prop Finder - buckets-barrels-mirrors

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Important Props
Visual merchandising props are an important component of any display. They can be used alongside your own products to enhance a display or installation. Junkyard finds and unusual juxtaposition’s can make a unique statement and talking point for your customers.

Keeping Customers Interested
By changing your displays regularly you will keep your customers interested, therefore encouraging return visits. Visual merchandising props can always be rented if you don’t have the storage space or the budget for bigger items. This means you can change your displays frequently without the commitment of more expensive purchases. We can source any of these options to suit your budget