Terms & Conditions

FVM Terms & Conditions

By employing our services, and on receipt of this document, you are agreeing to our Terms & Conditions outlined below:


  • Any contract within central London will not be charged travel time
  • Travel time will be charged for any contract undertaken outside central London
  • Train fare or mileage will be charged for contracts undertaken outside central London
  • Should delays occur whilst travelling to your premises, we will not be held liable for any subsequent losses thereafter


  • All initial consultations are free of charge (except for travel costs where required)
  • Subsequent meetings will be charged by the hour, including travel time, and train fares or mileage where necessary Ideas


  • Any ideas which are supplied by us in an initial consultation or subsequent meeting, remain the property of FVM, and you may only use them if we are contracted to carry out the work


  • Depending on the detail in the brief supplied, the research time can vary, however all research time will be charged by the hour


  • This is usually estimated by the half day or full day, however we do charge by the hour if necessary

Purchase or rental of props

  • Any props bought on behalf of your company will be quoted first for approval
  • Props up to the value of £100 will be purchased by ourselves, and added to the invoice
  • Props over the value of £100 should to be purchased by yourselves with prior discussion
  • Any props requiring delivery by post, will be sent recorded as standard, unless otherwise requested, and the postage added to the invoice. We will not be held liable for any lost, delayed or damaged props sent by post or courier
  • We will not be held liable for any subsequent losses or costs incurred by lost, damaged or late deliveries thereafter
  • Any larger props needing delivery and pick up will be arranged by us and added to the invoice
  • It will be your responsibility to care for any props on loan. All props to be insured by you the client
  • Any damages incurred to said props should be reimbursed directly to the hire company
  • All time sourcing props will be charged by the hour


  • Invoices are due to be paid within 30 days of issue, either by cheque or BACS

Cancellation of a project

  • If a project is cancelled 7 days before the install date, all money and time invested will be charged to date
  • If a project is cancelled 48 hours or less of the install date, 50% of the estimated total bill will be charged

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